Cesta de Navidad erótica. ¡Darás que hablar!

Cesta de Navidad erótica¡Esta Navidad tu negocio dará que hablar!

Se acerca la Navidad. ¿Has pensado ya en cómo sorprender a tus empleados y clientes? La típica cesta de Navidad está bien pero, ¿qué te parece cambiar los bombones por pintura corporal de chocolate, el cava por aceite del amor, las pastillas de turrón por pétalos de rosa, o los mazapanes por una caja de preservativos? Cama de Rosas te propone la rifa en tu local de nuestra cesta erótica, compuesta por una estudiada selección de juguetes eróticos discretos, divertidos y de alta calidad. A la gente le divierte hablar de sexo y cada vez son más las personas que utilizan juguetes eróticos. ¡Con nuestra cesta erótica tu negocio dará que hablar estas fiestas!

¿Quieres más información? Visita nuestra web Cama de Rosas o contáctanos en comercial@camaderosas.com.

~ por CamaDeRosas en octubre 10, 2011.

Una respuesta to “Cesta de Navidad erótica. ¡Darás que hablar!”

  1. Off Nine the mouth chōu the chōu, or somewhat worried: “into not ah? If found, we drove out how to do?” Tang Miao patience ran out, hot temper and started up: “do not go away?” ” Walking.” “Hurry up.” ” ” Off Nine’s worried about excess natural, they go, no one suspected her shēn side station is an authentic woman, to the contrary, there are a lot of women’s eyes are aiming to Tang Miao shēn. Have to say, her dressed really a bit cool, Originally Tangmiao sub higher than the average woman, her evening dressing up some elegant one-stop, go there, there is indeed a sort of good-looking man of feeling. Off Nine she forcibly took the two women as a couple, arm in arm, in the eyes of outsiders, they seem close and board, just like a golden couple. But off Nine very uncomfortable, she was a woman, standing beside a woman, this is what with what. The first sound is off Jiu issued to the second tone is Tang Miao. Lei Yi Ze Lengran standing Guan Jiu front, with a strong murderous eyes looked Tang Miao, dark and deep eye, issued almost coldness people tremble. Tang Miao rubbed elbow pain wrestling, but fortunately her ability to respond fast enough, dà brain reaction is fast, otherwise what arguably difficult is killed. She patted his gray does not exist on the shēn, slowly stood up, trying to see which is not long eyed man inexplicably carrying her own and fell out. This rise, she was stunned. Handsome, really handsome. Cool cool too prohibitive. Cold, cold, she did not dare Truesight. Off Nine into this, but a few days, but heard a lot of gossip small news, at least one half of Tang Miao. There are rumors that she does not like men, like women, but today’s point of view, not at all about it. The only two people in the room, Tang Miao in no hurry with out, she quickly stood up from the couch, neatly stood. “You Which company?” Sure enough, she heard him ask, and her heart is privy to some of their own little tricks is also hiding from the senior officials. Tang Miao immediately announce themselves: “I urban Evening.” Paused, went cautiously asked: “The governor Don, I can give you to make a personal interview with you? Do not need to spend a lot of time, half an hour waiting to become. ” Tang Chen looked at her, suddenly said the sentence: “wins the heart to not bad, just some quick success. Tang Miao shocked. Tang Chen looked silly out in front of people, the heart of a dynamic, suddenly said something: “If there are opportunities, you best police officers in front of that mine had recently lost their identity show that Miss Tang.” What does it mean? Tang Miao continue stunned. Also, advise you one, that Miss Kwan for her better Although the Lei easy Ze not Aiwujiwu the people, but better than you his face look good. “Tang Chen a superficial” Miss Tang rested, help yourself. ” Then, is not to see her, care of out. Tang Miao stared at her out, quite a while to come back to God after, Mangjiao cry: “hey, Tang governor you have not answered my words, how we about time?” Answer her quiet.


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